For sale I have 13 Hollister, Abercrombie and American Eagle shirts. All are in greaat condition, from a smoke free home. They are all either a Medium or Large, and if they are a Large it is because it fit a little small. I am asking $10 each, or if you take all of them $80. If you would like to make an offer feel free, but be reasonable. All the abercrombie ones were over $60 each and all Hollister were over $50.
Picture 1- Two Hollister, One Abercrombie- all medium
Picture 2- Both Hollister- both medium
Picture 3- Both Abercrombie-both medium
Picture 4- Both Hollister- both medium
Picture 5- One Abercrombie- large, One Hollister-medium
Picture 6- Abercrombie- large
Picture 7- American Eagle- medium